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Breaking news. NPS corp acquires United Sorbents. Click for press release
image of Ultraclean synthetic recycled sorbent, a next generation absorbent

ESP US - everything an absorbent manufacturer should be

  • Strategically located in Chicago within easy reach of most major markets
  • A boutique sorbent manufacturer specializing in unique value added solutions
  • In-stock program provides guaranteed availability of products
  • Wide range of spill care products including spill kits, secondary containment, industrial rugs and more
image of scientist examining a recycled sorbent

Learn more about
ESP US absorbents

  • Learn about environmentally friendly/sustainable absorbents
  • Polypropylene meltblown absorbents
  • Different absorbent shapes and sizes
  • Different absorbent constructions
image of water on the surface of an oil only white sorbent pad

A complete range of absorbent and spill control products

  • Comprehensive range of meltblown polypropylene absorbents
  • Recycled synthetic 'next generation' absorbents
  • Choose from spill kits that are always in stock or customize them exactly as you require
  • Our own line of secondary containment featuring plastic and metal spill pallets
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Helping our distributors
to be even more competitive

  • A shorter and better value supply chain when you buy direct from ESP US, an absorbents manufacturer
  • Guaranteed ever expanding in-stock program
  • Boutique manufacturing allows for product customization
  • Consistent quality from an ISO certified manufacturer
image of a man on a gantry of a storage tank facility

ESP US never compete
against our distributors

  • We never sell direct to the end user
  • Get full support from the industry's most knowledgable customer sales support team
  • Customer service you can depend on
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Meltblown absorbents

Choose from

  • Non bonded including Oil only anti static option
  • Sonic Bonded
  • Single lamination
  • Double lamination
  • Fine Fiber

Recycled fiber absorbents

Choose from

  • Ultraclean™ recycled synthetic
  • Airmatrix™ recycled synthetic
  • Coldform2™ recycled natural fibers
  • Recycled meltblown fiber absorbents


A very small diameter fiber which absorbs 150 times its own weight in aqueous fluids

  • Turns water based fluids into a gel
  • Prevents absorbed fluids leaking out of the absorbent
  • Dramatically increases absorbency rates
  • Products containing SpillLock™ do not become slippery

Super absorbent flake

Added to our Universal and Chemical socks and pillows

  • Absorbs 50% more than traditional polypropylene socks
  • Chemically stable and safe to use with most hazardous liquids
  • Spun-bond outer skin and super absorbent core draws fluid up and doesn't leak back out!

Adhesive Roll

Choose from

  • Choice of blue or gray
  • 100 foot or 50 foot lengths
  • Available in Universal to absorb both oil and
    water based spills or leaks.

Pads and rolls

Choose from

  • Individual pads in bales or boxes
  • Full sized rolls
  • Half sized split rolls
  • Available in Oil only (including anti-static), Universal and Chemical formats


Range features

  • Available in different lengths
  • Highly absorbent flexible spun-bond outer sleeves with super absorbent flake or recycled polypropylene cores
  • Available in Oil only, Universal and Chemical formats


Range features

  • Available in different sizes
  • Highly absorbent flexible spun-bond outer sleeves with super absorbent flake or recycled polypropylene cores
  • Available in Oil only, Universal and Chemical formats

Booms and Sweeps

Range features

  • Tough single skin or traditional sock-in-net constructions
  • Can be connected together to form longer floating barages
  • Available in different lengths and diameters
  • Sweeps remove oil sheen from the water's surface

Drum tops

Range features

  • Fit inside the lip of a 55 gallon drum
  • Made from single lamination meltblown polypropylene absorbent
  • Spun-bond on both sides creates a tough lint free product
  • Available in Oil only and Universal formats

Spill kits

Pre-assembled kits in different sized containers

  • Portable, stationary and wheeled options available
  • Available in sizes from small zipper bags up to 95 gallons and larger
  • Extensive options available in our custom spill kit offering
  • Available in Oil only, Universal and Chemical formats

Wick absorbents

Range features

  • Extremely high absorption rates
  • Specially designed for a range of applications
  • Universal and Chemical formats contain SpillLock™
  • Available in Oil only, Universal and Chemical options

Industrial rugs

Tough and absorbent surface covers

  • Mixed fibers offer excellent absorbency and durability
  • Ideal for covering walk ways
  • Highly absorbent, durable, and UV resistant rail road matting
  • Most industrial rug products contain recycled fibers

Secondary containment

Range includes

  • Spill pallets available in metal or plastic
  • ESP US's own product line offering unique solutions
  • Many secondary items contained in the in-stock program


Range includes

  • Economy and high performance options available
  • 100% recycled granular option
  • High performance granules turn liquids into solids

ESP US is an absorbents manufacturer and supplier of spill management solutions

Welcome to the website for Evolution Sorbent Products (ESP) in the United States

ESP US manufactures meltblown polypropylene absorbents in West Chicago, Illinois. We specialize in a range of sustainable environmentally friendly absorbent products made from renewable and recycled resources. Alongside of these high quality and high performance products ESP US also offers a comprehensive range of spill kits, secondary containment, industrial rugs and many other related products. See the complete ESP US products range here.

ESP US's high quality absorbents at affordable prices and all made in the United States

You'll find that all our products are made to the highest quality standards. Not only is our Chicago plant fully ISO certified but it is one of the few facilities that is capable of producing medical grade absorbents. Read more about ESP here.

Certified ISO 9001:2015 Company

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Be ready to catch a spill at a moments notice

In-stock from ESP US is a range of spill products that are always available for immediate dispatch

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