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We are ESP US, a high quality absorbent manufacturer located in Chicago

We're strategically located in Chicago and within easy reach of US and most major global markets

ESP US is the home to all our unique technologies and product engineering staff. This operation is the biggest in the group and we specialize in designing unique solutions to your problems. Not only can you get products here that are not available anywhere else, you can also get very competitive industry standard meltblown too.

We have manufacturing plants in Chicago, IL and Oldham in the UK. Our plant in Chicago is ISO 9001:2015 certified and uniquely qualified to produce medical grade absorbents.

Leading the way with new absorbent technologies

ESP-US has a demonstrable track record of introducing new absorbent technologies and construction innovations that many others end up copying or imitating. Our environmentally friendly range of absorbent products are very effective, and in the case of our Coldform™, Ultraclean™ and Airmatrix™ absorbents offer significantly better performance than traditional meltblown absorbents. There's a full explanation of all our sustainable absorbent technologies here. We also specialize in enhancing absorbent performance with additives; you can see these in action in our demonstration video section.

A full range of spill control products from a team of very experienced and knowledgable professionals

Not only do we supply high quality unique absorbents we also have; spill kits in many forms, our own secondary containment line and a guaranteed in-stock program.

Our sales and technical people have a huge combined pool of knowledge so if you've got a question - go ahead and ask, we'd be happy to help! Ask us a question here. Or alternatively see if the question you want answering has already been asked here.

We're helping distributors of spill control become more profitable by simplifying the business

Here are three ways we help our distributors. Firstly we don't complete with you as we never sell to the end user.

Secondly by reducing the amount of product duplication and careful explanation of the most efficient use of products, we can help you cut down on the products required to be stocked at any one time.

Thirdly we have introduced a guaranteed in-stock program which speeds order fulfillment and further reduces your inventory levels.

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