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Answers to questions asked about our company and it's spill care products

"Who is ESP US?"

ESP US was started eleven years ago and is the largest producer in the global family of ESP companies. Located in Chicago, our location also serves as the global head quarters and home to all our sustainable and recycled absorbent manufacturing.

Here in the US we first pioneered air laid spill absorbent products in the late 90’s and subsequently, through ESP, introduced Coldform2™, Ultraclean™ and Airmatrix™, as sustainable recycled options to meltblown polypropylene.

"Do you have regional distribution hubs in the US?"

ESP has regional distribution hubs in Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL.

"Can you supply additional products that are not on your website?"

Yes absolutely, as none of our custom solutions are described on the site. Please call us on1.800.615.8699 so that we can design a special solution to fit your needs.

"What is the difference between Oil only, Universal and Chemical?"

Oil only absorbents are white or blue in color (brown in the case of recycled), and only absorb oil-based liquids.
Universal absorbents are gray in color (green in the case of recycled) and absorb both water- and oil-based spills. These types of absorbent will, in the case of meltblown, generally recover more oil than water and are an acceptable choice for indoor applications. 

Chemical absorbents are yellow in color which is to aid in identification for use when cleaning up unknown toxic, flammable, corrosive or aggressive chemical spills. These will also recover oil-based and water-based spills.

For more information about absorbent color coding see our learn more.section page.

"What is the difference between your technologies?"

Here in Chicago we manufacture using five different technologies, all having their unique advantages.

Meltblown. Available in Oil only, Universal and Chemical, this is the most widely used technology but is steadily losings ground to the alternatives. We use only the highest quality prime resin which results in good all round performance.
Features: Meltblown is the most chemically resistant of the four technologies and is best used in the Oil only format for absorbing oil-based spills. It is not highly recommended when needing to absorb water based fluids.

Coldform2™: Available in Oil only and Universal. This technology has produced the global industry leader in sustainable natural based absorbents. It is a high performance product and in many cases, outperforms more traditional Meltblown alternatives.
Features: Made from a majority of American grown and sourced natural based sustainable fibers. When absorbing water-based liquids such as cutting oils, universal Coldform2™ is a far better absorbent than meltblown.

Airmatrix™: Available in Oil only, Universal and Chemical. A synthetic alternative to natural fiber products such as Coldform2™. This is our fastest growing technology. Thanks to unique manufacturing processes, this sorbent has high absorbency rates.
Features: Made from recycled synthetic fibers, has good strength and durability, high absorbency rates, and is soft and drapable.

Ultraclean™: Available in Universal with a poly-backed option. An amazing technology that produces strong and very absorbent products. The sorbents have undimpled, beautifully finished surfaces. This is the only technology which we offer a polybacked sorbent. It has superior strength and is engineered to provide a balanced performance, absorbing oil and water equally.
Features: Combining a mix of recycled high performance fibers, good strength and SpillLock technology. The poly-backed offering takes industrial absorbents to a new level with it's leak resistant and slip resistant backing.

SpillLock™: Is a revolutionary feature that improves a pad or roll’s performance. It turns aqueous-liquids into a leak-resistant gel so is only included in Universal absorbents. SpillLock™ allows the fibers to absorb up to 150 times their own weight. It’s ideal for using on offensive or messy spills that must not leak out of the pad. SpillLock™ is added to our laminated and fine fiber Universal Coldform2™ and all the Ultraclean™ products and hugely improves an absorbent’s performance.

Super Absorbent Flake: Available in our Universal and Chemical sock and pillow ranges. SAF retains the spilled fluid and considerably increases the amount of fluid recovered. Another advantage of this additive is the improved wicking characteristics which draws the fluid up into the absorbent.

For more information, see our absorbent product technologies explained section on our Learn more page.

"Do you make environmentally friendly products?"

Including our new Recycled meltblown we have four unique proprietary absorbent technologies all manufactured to the highest ISO quality standards.

Recycled meltblown: By adding 60% recycled polypropylene with 40% virgin polypropylene resin we are now able to offer both an Oil only and Universal recycled meltblown range. The recycled content does not impair the absorbency when compared to a product made from just virgin polypropylene resin. This is an excellent product that stands out in a crowded market place. We offer Oil only in light brown and Universal in dark green color.

Coldform2™: This absorbent product range features recycled cellulose based fibers. These are a mix of post industrial and post consumer scrap.

Airmatrix™: Is a next-generation air-laid technology absorbents and offer significant improvements in absorbency when compared to traditional meltblown absorbent.

Ultraclean™: Is our flagship recycled synthetic fiber absorbent. This is a very high performance absorbent and offers significant improvements in absorbency, wicking and fluid retention when compared to other more conventional absorbents thanks to a combination of construction and chemical addatives.

"Is there an easy way to understand your product codes?"

We like to think they are reasonably logical but to the uninitiated they can at first seem a little complicated. There’s a section on our distributor’s page that explains a typical code - you can see it here.

"How does ESP US’s product quality compare with others on the market?"

We have been competing with all manufacturers on a world wide basis for ten years. We are ISO certified and you will get exactly what you order. In fact you will see higher loft from ESP US, because we process the products differently.

We have American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) technical standards data available for all our products.

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