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Spill control products used in the aerospace industry

Aerospace maintenance and manufacturing facilities require absorbents that quickly and efficiently remove spills or leaks without damaging surfaces, but at the same time leave no stray fibers. Fueling operations and the Military almost always demand certified, anti-static meltblown absorbents. From meltblown fine fiber absorbents that are virtually lint free, to newer high tech absorbents that feature recycled material, you’ll find that ESP US provide a range of products that are extremely well suited to the aerospace industry.

Pads and Rolls

ESP US have a special Oil only anti-static sorbent available as either a roll or in pads. Use these sorbents to capture oil and fuel run-off or use to back-up oil/water separators.

Meltblown, Anti-Static Pads

Heavy weight non bonded anti-static Oil only pads


Meltblown Anti-Static Roll

Heavy weight non bonded anti-static roll.


Meltblown Universal Double Lamination Pads

Medium weight double lamination Universal pad.


Spill Kits

Spill kits are essential to limit the damage caused by a spill. Portable kits are light weight and sore easily behind a support vehicle seat.

Dash Bin Universal Spill Kit

30 gallon dash bin Universal spill kit.


Dash Bin Universal Spill Kit

60 gallon dash bin Universal spill kit.


Wick Products

These products are ideal for use in terminals or aircraft cabins. They feature high absorbent rates and will quickly deal with unpleasant or offensive bodily fluids that can present a hazard.

Universal Multi Wick

Universal Multi Wick 16" wide and 50 feet long.