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A complete range of spill control products from a specialist manufacturer

Enjoy excellent customer service from ESP-US

Unlike some of our competitors this is all we do. This is what has made us a specialist in the field of absorbents and related spill control products. When you call one of our inside CSR's they will most every time be able to answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

*ESP provides an emergency email link in the eventuality that you can't get hold of somebody through the normal channels. This link is sent to all the ESP global locations so that we can ensure you get a very fast response.

The Evolution Sorbent Product in-stock program

in stock To help our distributor partners grow and achieve more sales we've introduced the in-stock program. This is a range of core products that are always held in stock in reasonable quantities but subject to some restrictions*.

As an ESP distributor you'll be able to say with confidence that an item in the in-stock program will be ready for dispatch with delivery options to suit either economic or time sensitive requirements**.

The in-stock range is set to grow in size to cover most if not all aspects of absorbents and spill management products ‡. To see the current range of products*** covered simply use the product finder and simply select 'products in stock' then hit the submit button, this will show all our in-stock products at a glance.

As the range is quickly established and grows we'll expand it to cover our most popular products and technologies. If you've got a suggestion for a product to be added to the program we'd love to hear back from you, why not let us know the products you'd like to be included in the in-stock program here.

With the in-stock program it's like having products reserved for you when you need them. Keeping your customers happy with the highest levels of service, quality and value has never been easier thanks to ESP.

*Maximum order size, 10 Pallet of mixed product .
** Order turnaround in 24 hours if received before 12:00pm the previous day. Spill kit orders of 10 or less will ship in 24 hours if received before 12:00pm the previous day. Larger spill kit order will go into the standard production queue.
*** ESP reserve the right to upgrade the specification to the closest alternative at no extra cost should a product be subject to excessive demand and become out of stock.
‡ Boom construction is subject to seasonal demand and will be either 'single skin' or 'S' type.

ESP US - helping you increase your sales of spill control

For those relatively new to spill recovery and prevention products the learning curve can be a little steep. At ESP we offer advice and training on how to increase and maximize your sales. Hopefully you will find this site informative and to the point. We have paid particular attention to developing the Product Finder, which guides you through the product selection process.

Boutique manufacturing allows for customized product solutions

Along side our regular product offering, ESP is ready to help our distributors get the products they need to increase sales. Because we are a manufacturer we can customize solutions for you, these are subject to minimum order sizes. This customization can also extend to spill kit contents or containers as well as adding logos for you or your customers.

Absorbent product packaging options

ESP US offers a few different packaging options for our absorbent products. The standard is a clear plastic bag and a label that shows the SKU and country of origin. We are also able to create custom private labeling for the product which includes your company logo as well as your unique item number. For a small upcharge we can also package your product in cardboard boxes instead of bags. The cardboard boxes used for the pads also double up as a dispenser once the perforated flap is removed. These box options are subject to minimum order sizes.

Site visits to advise on spill compliance and fluid storage

Meeting Federal and State regulations on spill management or fluid storage can be daunting if you're not aware of all the requirements. ESP can help you with this. We regularly attend sites and prepare a full report advising on what needs to be carried out to comply with the environmental guidelines as well as keeping the personnel and site safe. Contact us about organizing a site visit.

Spill training for any eventuality

Having the equipment to deal with a spill is one thing, having the personnel trained so that they know how to use the equipment is a completely different situation altogether. ESP can advise and deliver training so that designated spill teams are ready to act should a mishap occur. We offer a range of different training courses; contact us about our spill training.

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