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Drip Pans

These all-in-one configurations makes maintenance of leaky equipment quick and easy. Use these crumble pans when you need to avoid contact with the saturated contents or want to prevent the contents from falling out of the pan during replacement. Position them under leaky pipes, hoses and machines.

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Crumble Drip Pan

Each tough polypropylene tray contains either Universal or Oil only polypropylene particulate that absorbs both oil-based and water-based liquids or just oil-based liquids. A sealed spun-bond cover contains the particulate crumble in the tray. This avoids any direct contamination from handling the particulate once used.

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Crumble Oil only Drip Pan With Spun-Bond Cover

Oil only crumble drip pan with spun-bond cover 11" wide by 11" long by 3" high.