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Natural cellulose fiber absorbents 

This is the most environmentally responsible absorbent material when compared to all other technologies because it is primarily cellulose based. Not only are the fibers made from post industrial scrap, they have up to 25% recycled bed scrap content too. Coldform2™ out absorbs most meltblown by a big margin when absorbing water-based fluids in an indoor environment. Coldform2™ will absorb small amounts of water along with the oils so is a wonderful absorbent for everyday land based use. However don’t use it where vast amounts of water are present or you expect the absorbent to stay outside for extended periods.

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Double Laminated

A go-to product when you need a non-linting, super-tough sorbent that is also a durable sorbent capable of withstanding some foot and forklift traffic. Coldform2™ double lamination is a premium high-performance natural sorbent format that’s one of the toughest on the market thanks to its durable, abrasion-resistant spun-bond covers and a high-loft, earth-friendly core.

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Coldform2™ Universal Double Lamination Split Roll

Heavy weight Universal double lamination Coldform2™ split roll.