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Recycled synthetic fiber absorbents (Ultraclean™) 

These absorbents are the top performers of all our technologies and feature a high-recycled content from fibers that are synthetic based. The Poly-backed version is perhaps the most suitable sorbent for MRO uses. Its poly-back lamination prevents the spill from contaminating the surface beneath. Ultraclean™ Double Lamination is a very low linting, strong absorbent. Both contain high quantities of SpillLock™.

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Single Lamination Poly-backed

This state of the art absorbent is a high performer in every respect. Made from 72% recycled synthetic fibers, the Universal versions also contain SpillLockTM technology, which absorbs 150 times its own weight in aqueous based liquids. Both the pads and rolls feature a poly-backed layer which prevents spills from reaching the surface below. This is an incredibly tough absorbent with durability a real stand out feature.

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Ultraclean™ Universal Single Lamination Poly-backed Split Roll

Extra heavy weight Universal single lamination poly-backed Ultraclean™ split roll.