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Spill Kits

The importance of a spill kit cannot be emphasised enough. Having the correct absorbents close at hand, in the right quantity and container is key to any successful spill recovery outcome. ESP US spill kits are used throughout the world in a host of different situations.

We have an extensive range of in-stock spill kits and custom spill kits, in most cases they can be made quickly as well. Call us for a quote or simply complete the spill kit customisation for here. 

Refill pads in packs of ten

To extend the life of our spill kits our absorbent pads conveniently come in sealed packs of 10

The concept of sealed 10-packs of pads forms the cornerstone of our spill kit program. The benefits of these packages extend beyond the restocking and simplification of auditing spill kits. Some of the opportunities include; labelling so they can be sold inexpensively to the general public, allowing large manufacturing plants to control how many pads are used for a task, and trades of all description can quickly and easily take the packs in their vehicle to use on location.

Our 10-packs come in a totally heat sealed polythene sleeve and the pack must be ripped open to remove a pad, so its easy to see if they have been tampered with. On each spill kit we indicate how many 10-packs are included, so refilling is as simple as counting the number of packs and topping up as required.

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Battery Acid Spill Kits

These specialist spill kits are designed to provide everything required to recover a battery acid spill. Extreme caution should be used when recovering toxic or harmful spills. Always seek the advice of a spill professional or the emergency service if in any doubt about how to recover a spill safely.

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Battery Acid Chemical Spill Kit

5 gallon static Chemical battery acid spill kit.