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Sock-in-net Oil only Boom

Key Facts 25 US Gallons | 95 Liters of oil* Polypropylene
Facts and figures

Absorbent boom is very effective at retrieving and offering some containment for marine based spills. This 4-5" diameter version is easier to handle and quicker to deploy and retrieve than our larger 6-7" version.

This is the most economical construction of boom we offer. Comprising of an outer plastic netting that contains a spun-bond inner sock which in turn holds a 100% hydrophobic scrap core.

The booms feature rust proof snap hooks 24" in from each end along with sturdy rust proof rings at each end, so that multiple booms can be attached to each other to form longer barrages. A tough nylon rope also runs the entire length and is secured at each end with double clips to maintain a strong and durable product.

Each boom is 4-5" in diameter and 10' long. There are 4 booms contained within the bale which is packed in a clear plastic bag.

Key Features

  • Nylon rope adds to strength and durability
  • End rings and snap hooks make deployment of the desired length fast and easy
  • Resists snagging on debris
  • Made with recycled content

This boom will absorb petroleum-based liquids but resist water. This boom is an ideal solution when you need to quickly and effectively contain petroleum-based spills on water or in outdoor environments.

Product Code



Oil only, Boom


4-5” x 10’ (10-12 cm x 3 m)

Recycled Content*

80* %


25 US Gallons | 95 Liters of oil**







Base Fiber


Star Rating

  • Fire retardant as per ASTM 726
  • Ensure that disposal of these sorbents complies with all local, state and federal regulations

40 CFR 263.31

Transporters “must clean up any hazardous waste discharge that occurs during transportation.

33CFR 154.1047(c)(2)

Pertaining to navigable waters, a facility that handles, stores or transports Group V petroleum oils must identify response resources such as containment booms, sorbent booms and other methods.


4-5” x 10’ (10-12 cm x 3 m)

Sorbent type

Recovering just oil only fluids

Recycled Content

This product is made from 80% recycled fibers

Recycled Content

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This product is part of the in-stock program

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