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Meltblown Oil only Fine Fiber Pads

Key Facts Light 33 US Gallons | 125 Liters of oil* Polypropylene
Facts and figures

A light weight absorbent pad with 200 pads in a bale, which is twice the number when compared to the heavy weight 100 pad count version. As a results these pads offer a lower cost per square foot product.

This is a premium-grade, highly absorbent oil-only synthetic, with densely woven, Fine fiber covers bonded sonically to high-quality meltblown core. The absorbent is precision-engineered to maximize both loft and absorbency. It is fast wicking, low linting, low slip and resists water but absorbs petroleum-based fluids such as oils, gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel.

Each pad is 16" x 20" (40 cm x 50 cm) and features a perforation across the center. The pads are supplied in a clear plastic bag.

Key Features

  • Most versatile oil-only sorbent in the meltblown family
  • Fast-wicking fine fiber outer layers offer good durability
  • Highly absorbent meltblown core
  • Low linting
  • Highly water-resistant, capable of floating on water for extended periods of time.
  • Perforated for more economical use

Ideal when you need a fast-wicking sorbent to quickly clean up a spill involving oil-based liquids. Great for maintenance and repair jobs when you want to avoid soaking up water or water-based fluids. Excellent choice when you require a low-lint, synthetic sorbent with good durability.

Product Code



Pads, Oil only

Basis Weight



16” x 20” (40 cm x 50 cm)

Recycled Content*

0* %


33 US Gallons | 125 Liters of oil**







Base Fiber


Star Rating

  • Fire retardant as per ASTM 726
  • Ensure that disposal of these sorbents complies with all local, state and federal regulations

29 CFR 1910.120(j)(1)(vii)

...suitable quantities of proper absorbents shall be kept available and used in areas where spills, leaks or ruptures may occur.

29 CFR 1910.120(j)(1)(vii)

U.S. Department of Transportation specified salvage drums or containers and suitable quantities of proper absorbents shall be kept available and used in areas where spills, leaks or ruptures may occur.

29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2)

The floor of every workroom shall be maintained in a clean and, so far as possible, a dry condition.


16” x 20” (40 cm x 50 cm)


This is the sorbent's weight with X= extra heavy, 1= heavy, 2= medium and 3= light


Sorbent type

Recovering just oil only fluids