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2 drum metal spill pallet

Key Facts 58 Gallons
Facts and figures

An extremely tough and durable metal spill pallet with a removable platform that provides space for two 55 US Gallon (205 liter) drums side by side. The sump capacity meets and exceeds US, European and UK regulations.

This product is for the static storage of drums only, drums should be removed before fork lifting.

Key Features

  • Coated steel in orange RAL 2004
  • Load capacity (uniformly distributed load): 1763 lbs (800 kg)
  • Removable wire grating in galvanized steel with 2" x 2" (50 x 50 mm) mesh
  • Integral steel pallets allow two-sided access for forklifts
  • Conical steel pallets fit together to save space in transport
  • 12 spill pallets can be stacked in one pile
  • Fully tested in factory, guaranteed leak-free
  • Height of legs: 3.97" (100 mm)

Product Code



Spill Pallets, Container for any type of spill

Basis Weight



50.3" (1278 mm) x 29" (738 mm) x 14.1" (360 mm) 58 gal (220 ltr)

Recycled Content*




Sump Capacity

58 Gallons

Star Rating

  • Remove drum before fork lifting
  • For static spill containment

40 CFR 263.31

Transporters “must clean up any hazardous waste discharge that occurs during transportation.

33CFR 154.1047(c)(2)

Pertaining to navigable waters, a facility that handles, stores or transports Group V petroleum oils must identify response resources such as containment booms, sorbent booms and other methods.


50.3" (1278 mm) x 29" (738 mm) x 14.1" (360 mm) 58 gal (220 ltr)

Sorbent type

Containing fluids and preventing spills


Containing fluids and preventing spills

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