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Spun-Bond Universal Sock

Key Facts 45 US Gallons | 170 Liters of oil, 45 US Gallons | 170 Liters of water* Super Absorbent Flake
Facts and figures

These socks are 12' (3.6 m) in length and three inches (8 cm) in diameter. 

There are 10 socks in a plain brown box. The socks feature a spun-bond outer sleeve that has a durable heat sealed seam running its entire length. This tube is then filled with a next generation absorbent core that will absorb both oil-based and water-based fluids. The absorbent core is secured into the sleeve at each end with a durable metal clip.

The spun-bond outer sleeve makes these socks very strong even when containing absorbed fluid, they are also a ‘no-lint’ product. This mean they will not shed any loose fibres. The socks are very flexible which allows them to conveniently mould to any uneven surfaces.

See our Super Absorbent Flake socks in action here

Key Features

  • Will not become slippery even when fully saturated
  • Contains no poly-acrylate
  • Strong spun-bond polypropylene outer sleeve
  • Features a super absorbent core
  • Clipped ends secure the core into the outer spun-bond cylindrical sleeve

A unique feature of these socks is their ability to contain large quantities of liquids once absorbed. They are an excellent product for placing around machinery or in workshop areas to prevent leaks or spills from spreading. These socks are also a key component in any spill kit.

Product Code



Universal, Sock


3” x 12’(8 cm x 3.6 m)

Recycled Content*

95* %


45 US Gallons | 170 Liters of oil, 45 US Gallons | 170 Liters of water**


10/ Box





Base Fiber

Super Absorbent Flake

Star Rating

  • Ensure that disposal of these sorbents complies with all local, state and federal regulations.


3” x 12’(8 cm x 3.6 m)

Sorbent type

Recovers both oil and water based fluids at the same time

Recycled Content

This product features recycled contents

Recycled Content